Let’s think about buying a protein supplement. Of course, it is possible to lose weight without using supplements. That being said, when you augment your protein intake from meals with the protein from a supplement, you’ll be able to see even greater results. Additionally, if you also have the tools to split up your intake of carbohydrates, that will prove very useful in managing your calories.
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1. Protein Supplements

We recommend soy-based protein supplements. If the supplement is labeled as being for weight-loss purposes, that’s all the better.As protein does not dissolve easily in water, it can be very useful to buy a shaker at the same time. You can buy one for a reasonable price. We recommend the following.(coming soon.)

If you would like to look for a supplement different from our recommendations, please check here.(coming soon.)

2. Tools for Dividing Carbohydrates

These are good for freezing measured portions. They make it easy to split up and strictly control your intake of carbs. If you have another way of doing this, please feel free to use it. Our recommendation is below.(coming soon.)

3. Measuring tape

The things to measure when checking the results of your weight loss are your weight and your waist measurement. Body fat percentage is a value for reference purposes. In case you don’t have measuring tape, you can purchase it below. The following are our recommendations.
(coming soon.)

If you would like to search other tools,please check here.
(coming soon.)

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