Let’s spot someone on Instagram with the ideal body type, and use that as a goal.

Weight loss is a long-term pursuit. Rather than having a temporary decrease in weight, it’s important to maintain the loss for a period of half a year to a whole year, without putting that weight back on. In order to maintain motivation and get through this long-term activity, let’s review our goals and ideal images from time to time.

You can confirm what your goals are in words and in numbers, but we also recommend looking at things such as photos that make an impression on you. If you occasionally look at photos of people with your ideal body type, you could pick up some added motivation.

Luckily, these days it’s easy to see photos from all kinds of people.

Let’s use Instagram and follow people with the ideal body type.

By the way, on this site’s Instagram account, we are planning to present people who have ideal figures, so please be sure to follow it.

Also, if the below applies to you, please feel free to get in touch with our account. We will introduce you to our followers.

BMI: 20-25

Body fat percentage: Standard range

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