1. Digest
This product is an A4-sized clear document folder with a summary of the important information provided on this site about weight loss methods.

2. Details
On the front of the folder, specific actions for weight loss are listed. On the back of the folder are the facts behind these weight loss methods, as well as supplementary information, and more.

3. Results
By occasionally reading this folder, you will be able to more easily recall the weight loss methods described on this site. It will help you to stay aware of what you need to know, and make it easier to build habits. The folder is made of a material that, unlike paper, is resistant to deterioration. Please use it with care, as something that is meant to last a lifetime.

*This product was developed by an individual with an IQ of 130, with total effort and determination, in the hope that it will benefit you.

Points to note:
•This product is made to order. For that reason, please allow 2-4 weeks from the time we receive your order for the product to reach you.
•Additional customs fees may be necessary in some cases.
•In the event that the product is not received due to an accident that occurs during shipping, we will be unable to provide any compensation.
•Not for resale.

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